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Stearic Acid Flakes 4 oz. Triple Pressed NF/USP Food Grade

Stearic Acid Flakes 4 oz. Triple Pressed NF/USP Food Grade

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4 oz. Premium Stearic Acid from Palm Oil - Versatile Flaky Powder for Crafting and More

Experience the quality of our Stearic Acid, a versatile flaky powder derived from palm oil, perfect for various crafting projects. Known for its excellent properties in soap and candle making, this stearic acid ensures top-notch results in your DIY endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for Soap Making: Enhances soap by retaining moisture, providing a velvety feel on the skin, and helping soaps maintain their shape even in water.
  • Perfect for Candle Making: Its ability to melt and set at room temperature makes stearic acid ideal for crafting candles that hold their shape and retain scent effectively.
  • Pure and High-Quality: Our stearic acid is USP Food Grade, ensuring it meets the highest standards of purity. It contains no additives and remains white, making it easy to dye or color as needed.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Packaged in a certified BPA-free Ziplock-styled bag, our stearic acid is not only safe but also easy to store and use.

Whether you're a professional artisan or a hobbyist, our Stearic Acid provides the reliability and quality you need for your soap making, candle crafting, and more. Unlock your creative potential with this essential crafting ingredient.

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