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Citric Acid 10 lbs. | Pure, Food Grade, Versatile

Citric Acid 10 lbs. | Pure, Food Grade, Versatile

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10 lb. of 100% Pure Citric Acid  - Multipurpose Food Grade Powder 

Unlock a world of possibilities with our 100% Pure Citric Acid, a versatile fine-grain powder perfect for numerous household and culinary applications. This high-quality, Kosher-certified, and non-GMO citric acid comes packed in a heavy-duty, re-sealable stand-up foil pouch that protects against light and oxidation. Ensure long-lasting freshness and safe storage with our thoughtfully designed packaging.

Key Features:

  • Food Grade Quality: Ideal for use in kitchens for canning, candy making, and adding a zestful sour taste to foods like meats and soft drinks.
  • Preservation: Extends the freshness of fruits and vegetables, enhancing your food's shelf life naturally.
  • Craft and Cleaning Uses: Create non-toxic cleaners, remove rust, or indulge in making bath bombs and other crafts.
  • Educational Projects: Safe for kids' experiments, making learning fun and interactive.

Variety in Packaging: Available in multiple sizes to suit your needs - 2, 5, 10, and 20 pounds.

From enhancing food flavors to providing an eco-friendly cleaning solution, our Citric Acid is a must-have for every household. Explore the endless uses of citric acid.

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