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buy-dmso-8-oz-glass-bottle Pure-liquid-dmso-tilted-on-its-side-to-show-leak-proof dmso in a glass bottle with styro-form packaging for shipping best dmso with new label and old label dimethyl-sulfoxide-natural-joint-pain-releif- The photo reads: DMSOSTORE Premium DMSO Pain Relief products. Dimethyl Sulfoxide. 99.995% pure Pharma Grade. Manufactured in the USA. Did your DMSO arrive frozen? Run under lukewarm water! DMSO will return to liquid state. NOTE: DO NOT put in the microwave to warm up. DMSO freezes at a temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit into a crystalline solid state but easily returns to liquid state by running the bottle under lukewarm water. This does not affect the quality of your DMSO product in any way. DMSO-liquid-99.995-cap-sealed-Close up of black twist off cap
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DMSO 8 oz. Glass Bottle Non-diluted 99.995% Low Odor Pharma Grade Liquid Dimethyl Sulfoxide

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DMSO 8 oz. Glass Bottle Non-diluted 99.995% Low Odor Pharma Grade Liquid Dimethyl Sulfoxide

DMSO Pharma Grade 99.995% Pure.

  • Purified to be Low Odor by using a special cold process that removes any excess Dimethyl Sulfide.
  • The Closure is made from BPA free resin. This ensures that if the bottle is tilted on its side, there will be no chemicals inside the lid dissolving into the product.
  • 99.995% pure Pharma Grade Dimethyl Sulfoxide with no heavy metals present. This is the highest Purity available. 
  • Packed in a glass container
  • Manufactured under GMP's for Hygiene and Handling. This ensures the product is made under safe conditions.
  • DMSO is a high polar aprotic solvent that has many uses from natural pain relief to food flavoring. The application process is left to the user.

This is 100% pure strength DMSO. Please test first using a small amount before proceeding to use more.

DMSO freezes around 64 degrees, this is normal. Place in warm water to thaw, do not use boiling water or put in a microwave. When frozen, the DMSO can look like glass crystals.


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