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Refillable Roll-On Glass Bottles 10 ML. Glass Bottle Plastic Roller Ball Includes Droppers 24 ct.

Refillable Roll-On Glass Bottles 10 ML. Glass Bottle Plastic Roller Ball Includes Droppers 24 ct.

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24 High-Quality Glass Roll-On Kit - 10ML Bottles with Plastic Roller Balls for Essential Oils, DMSO, and More. Droppers included. 

Explore the practicality and ease of our High-Quality Glass Roll-On Kit. This comprehensive kit features 24 refillable 10ML glass bottles equipped with durable plastic roller balls, making them perfect for various liquids including essential oils, DMSO, and others. Includes droppers.

Kit Features:

  • Durable Glass Bottles: Each 10ML bottle is made from high-quality glass, ensuring your liquids are stored safely and maintain their purity.
  • Efficient Plastic Roller Balls: The plastic roller balls are designed for smooth application, providing even and consistent distribution with every use.
  • User-Friendly Design: Easily insert the rollerball by placing it in the bottle and securely tightening the cap until it snaps into place. To remove, apply pressure with the cap.
  • Travel-Ready Size: Compact and convenient, these bottles are ideal for travel and fit comfortably in your purse or bag.
  • Secure and Safe Packaging: The kit is packaged securely, ensuring safety during transport and convenience for your travels.
  • Added Accessories: Enjoy complimentary droppers for hassle-free filling and refilling of the bottles.

Ideal for Varied Applications: Whether mixing your own essential oils, using DMSO, or creating custom blends, these glass bottles with plastic roller balls offer the perfect blend of functionality and portability. Their leak-proof design and compact size make them an excellent choice for daily use.

Enhance your liquid application experience with our Glass Roll-On Kit. Perfect for personal and professional use, these bottles bring efficiency and reliability to your routine. Order now and enjoy the versatility and quality of our roll-on bottles!

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