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L-Ascorbic Acid 2.2 lb. Crystalline Vitamin C USP Grade Non-GMO

L-Ascorbic Acid 2.2 lb. Crystalline Vitamin C USP Grade Non-GMO

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2.2 lb. High-Purity L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) USP Grade - Non-GMO, Crystalline

Discover the myriad benefits of our L-Ascorbic Acid, the purest form of Vitamin C available. This essential nutrient, widely recognized for its vital role in health and skincare, is derived from non-GMO sources and conforms to USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standards for purity and quality.

Product Features:

  • Purest Form of Vitamin C: L-Ascorbic Acid is renowned for its superior quality and efficacy, especially in promoting collagen production and enhancing skin care.
  • Immune Support & Tissue Repair: Vitamin C is crucial for immune defense and aids in the repair and regeneration of tissues, making it a staple in health supplements.
  • Natural Cleaning Power: Utilize it as a safe, non-toxic cleaner for removing limescale and rust, ideal for homes with pets or children due to its natural properties.
  • Certified Quality: Manufactured under strict GMP guidelines to ensure hygiene and handling, packed in a heavy-duty re-sealable stand-up foil pouch to protect from light and oxidation.
  • Organic & Safe: Derived from an organic whole food blend, our Vitamin C is non-irradiated and free from synthetic additives, ensuring you receive only the finest product.
  • Dietary Compliant: Kosher and Halal certified, suitable for year-round use across various dietary preferences.

Versatility in Use: Perfect for boosting your health regimen or incorporating into your home cleaning solutions, our L-Ascorbic Acid offers a powerful addition to your daily routine.

Elevate your health and home with our premium L-Ascorbic Acid. Order now to benefit from the highest quality Vitamin C available at an affordable price.

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