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BENZYL ALCOHOL 3 Gallons of USP Grade in Sterile Plastic Bottle (BPA Free)

BENZYL ALCOHOL 3 Gallons of USP Grade in Sterile Plastic Bottle (BPA Free)

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BENZYL ALCOHOL 3 Gallons USP Grade - Sterile and Safe in a BPA-Free Plastic Bottle

Elevate your professional and personal care practices with our BENZYL ALCOHOL in a 3 gallon bottle. This high-grade USP Benzyl Alcohol is provided in its pure, undiluted form, ensuring its effectiveness for various applications.

Key Features:

  • Premium USP Grade: Our Benzyl Alcohol is of USP Grade, delivering a high standard of purity and quality for reliability in your applications.
  • Pure and Undiluted: This product is non-diluted, offering you the full strength of Benzyl Alcohol for effective use in your formulations.
  • Sterile and Safe Packaging: Housed in a sterile, BPA-free plastic bottle with a certified BPA-free closure, ensuring both safety and environmental consciousness.
  • USA Manufactured under GMP Standards: Produced under strict Good Manufacturing Practices in the U.S.A., we maintain the highest hygiene and handling standards.
  • Versatile Utility: Suitable for a range of uses in skincare, beauty, and makeup products, as well as an effective ingredient in head lice treatments.

Not Your Ordinary Alcohol:(NOT Rubbing or Isopropyl) It’s crucial to understand that Benzyl Alcohol differs significantly from common rubbing alcohol or isopropyl, allowing for specialized use in more sensitive applications.

Our 3 Gallon BENZYL ALCOHOL bottle is an indispensable asset for both personal and professional use. Embrace the versatility and purity of our USP Grade Benzyl Alcohol in your beauty and healthcare routines. Order now to integrate this high-quality ingredient into your collection.

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