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DMSO Gel with Aloe Vera 16 oz - 70/30 Pharma Grade (2 Pack)

DMSO Gel with Aloe Vera 16 oz - 70/30 Pharma Grade (2 Pack)

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70/30 DMSO 16 oz. Gel with Aloe Vera - 99.995% Pure Pharma Grade Dimethyl Sulfoxide in BPA-Free Plastic Jar (2 Jar Special)

Unlock the synergistic benefits of our 70/30 DMSO Gel with Aloe Vera, featuring 99.995% pure Pharma Grade DMSO. This unique blend combines the high efficacy of DMSO with the natural healing properties of Aloe Vera, renowned for its biologically active polysaccharides.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced with Aloe Vera: Our Aloe Vera juice, rich in active polysaccharides, complements the DMSO, adding to the product's biological activity, which has been supported by clinical trials.
  • High Purity and Low Odor: We prioritize your experience by providing a low-odor, 99.995% pure Pharma Grade DMSO, ensuring you receive a product of the highest quality.
  • Safe Packaging: Contained in a certified BPA-free Plastic jar, we guarantee the safety and integrity of our DMSO Gel.
  • GMP Certified Manufacturing: Produced under strict Good Manufacturing Practices, our product adheres to the highest standards of hygiene and handling.
  • Temperature Responsive: While DMSO typically freezes at 64°F, the addition of Aloe Vera lowers the freezing point. If solidification occurs, gently thaw in warm water (avoid boiling or microwaving). The product may resemble crystals when frozen.
  • Free Shipping: We offer the convenience of free shipping via USPS.

These Two 16 oz. BPA-Free Plastic jars of 70/30 DMSO Gel with Aloe Vera is not just a product; it's a blend of purity and nature's goodness. Perfect for those seeking a high-quality, biologically active topical application. 

We offer the highest quality combination of DMSO and Aloe Vera for sale online, buy now and get free shipping.

While versatile, DMSO should be used responsibly. We recommend conducting a patch test before extensive use.
Note: This product is intended for use as directed. Any alternative applications are the sole responsibility of the user.

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